I am sam lessin. I work at fin, I am a partner at slow ventures and I am an intern at the information where I write a column called modest proposals about twice a month.

I started pulling together a collection of my writing if you are interested in getting a sense of me and what I believe on topics like: Internet Policy, Privacy, and Free Speech, Economics & The Internet’s Impact on the Economy, The Future of Work & Automation, Crypto, Decentralization, and Trust, Startups, VC, and SV Culture, and Transportation

I also pulled a flat file of old writing from ‘07-’10 if you have a lot of time on your hands or like command-f. Recently I wrote a kid’s book b is for bitcoin, and I like to mess around podcasting modest conversations.

Before all this I most recently lead the PP+T product group (people, places, and things) at facebook, before that I ran profiles and privacy. An increasingly long time ago I founded drop.io in Brooklyn, and briefly worked at bain out of college.

Before slow, I did a spot of angel investing. I loosely keep a lists going of podcasts / videos I have done & media I want to consume… oh, and here are some half-baked directional investment mantras

I love all things that have to do with skis and kites… and I have a 🦁 and a 🌊.