over 9 years on 2009-07-20


as an early birthday present to myself, i am clearing out all but a choice few blog post drafts, so that i can start my late 20s relatively even -- so, here you go, some 'blips' of hopefully relatively scarce mojo that has been on my mind:

0.  the actual long-term debate/problem of facebook vs. twitter is simply one of efficiently addressable space & data:  you need to find what you are are addressing, and then address it...  requires a fundamentally different factoring, flat structures vs. hierarchy.  a central authority has value, but also costs

1.  rescuetime seems to have almost become/be pitching itself as a modern punch-clock for white collar workers -- cool, this is a heck of an expression of digital panopticon at work -- the technologies that free us also enslave us.

2.  location in a vaccum is relatively low value - location mashed against other content/commentary/context is interesting...  location as an expression of meaning.  one added layer is 'friendship' but not sure that is enough.  another route is to aggregate tons and tons of almost worthless data into value (the pageview analogy) -- i think there are better solutions/ways to bind location to other communication to create value

3.  there are places where where search/social increase knowledge, and there are places where it destroys value

4.  search is over not because people won't continue to use it, but because the answers it provides are relatively commodity and will continue to become more so

5.  there is no such thing as free information, you must therefore trade value for value.

6.  i don't want to own things anymore - i just want access to use them.  the reason i don't want to own anything is because the market has become truly efficient (at least in major cities in the us) at providing me with what i want when i want it with almost zero friction, without needing to own it.  ownership has costs that now outweigh its value:

a.  i don't need a my own chef (or any cooking apparatus) because restaurant options abound
b.  i don't need a house because there are plenty of rentals
c.  i don't need a car because i can use zip car, rent one, hire a taxi at will
d.  i wouldn't need a jet (if i were in that market) because good convenient commercial flight options abbound - not to mention that i could always efficiently rent one.

-- in the end cash is king/opportunity costs are much higher than they once were

7.  almost all assets depreciate faster than is currently being modeled

8.  small design changes that tech companies have made for specific reasons, and that have a major negative impact:

a.  podcasts don't auto update on iphone/ipod touch when on wireless network.  super annoying, but clearly intentional
b.  google chrome launch direction in incognito mode, super annoying but clearly intentional
c.  the reply address on twitter email updates from follow and dm...  why can't it be a useable address for god sake
d.  google latitude forces you to use igoogle

9.  common wisdom 'someone is building the next facebook in their dorm room right now' -- i think this is just flat wrong, statements like that don't even mean anything.

10. gmail continues to blow my mind - an amazing application, that actually in many ways is the center of my communicative/social life

11.  the economic mechanics of secrets

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