over 9 years on 2009-07-01


recently i got an amazing garmin 405 forerunner watch which has on board gps and a heart rate monitor.  it is awesome for running (main purpose) - but once i have a cool device for data collection i tend to play.  recently i have been using the device to graph my heart rate while i sleep.  the results are totally amazing (see below).  friday night i averaged 55 bpm throughout the night and the curve looks really clean --  i remember sleeping well.  saturday i went out with friends and perhaps had a bit too much wine....  my average was significantly higher as a % ... i woke up early after just over 5 hours of sleep, but i remember being basically already awake before i got up...  sunday, was i stressed?  it really looks like i didn't sleep well.

twitter - @doctors, how am i looking?  do i need to come in for a checkup or does the below look normal :)  -- is this the future of health?

p.s.  garmin - i have now bought another 405 for a friend, and convinced at least 3 other people to buy your watches -- that is a few thousand in revenue for you... how about an affiliate kickback :)

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