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a true recap of internet week nyc, because gps rarely lies...

june 1 - june 8 was a week long fest of all things internet in nyc, panels, parties, and events galore.  as has become the fashion, the week kicked off a frothy 'wave' of all forms of media coverage - blogs, vlogs, photo streams, twitter, tumblr, etc.  while perhaps seemingly 'state of the art' i couldn't help but feel like these forms of covering and conveying an event seemed stale.  at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, isn't it time to skip the editorials and start recapping the event straight off the gps feed (or, in the case of my data-set, the self-reported location 'checkin' data of 100 young technorati of nyc).  so, without further adieu - i give you the first edition of the lessin location roundup, an exclusively gps driven nightlife monthly (with occasional twitter cross reference), and perhaps a glimpse into the world we will live in just a few years from now - xoxo

internet week kicked off with a bang, starting with a flurry of activity at the new world stage (ignite nyc) - the hottest event of the night.. from there the party quickly migrated downtown to the puck building (youtube party) and tom and jerry's bar (a hotspot among the gpsoratti).  the night ended with a group migrating to sing sing for some ambitious monday night karaoke around 1am.

tuesday was a big day and a bigger night.  presenters and the unemployed (underemployed?) drove a bulk of checkins a bit before 4pm at the fashion institute of technology (the ny tech meetup showcase).  after the event it appears that some continued on to the microsoft gallery while another group bounced down to shake shack - presumably to fuel up for the evening revelries.  at an average time of about 8pm a group of techies descended upon soho house in the meatpacking district... perhaps to mingle with the old-media folk?

while not on the official schedule, gps tells us that something big went down at the standard hotel with an average time of about 10pm --  it appears as though one of the the most heavily 'checked-in' location of the week wasn't on the official event list.  as the standard hotel team wound down, a large percentage of the group moved a few blocks away to hogs & heifers checking in on average just after midnight -- not a bad tuesday night.

wednesday was relatively low key.  a few people gathered at the roger smith hotel (social media breakfast) a bit after 10:30 (people were on average 20 min late) -- a handful headed to shake shack at 3pm for a snack and people gathered a tad on the early side at the 92ytribecca for pete cashmore's talk.  things really picked up at the hotel on rivington (yacht rock) around 9:30 and there were later night pops at the marshall stack and local 138.

wednesday might have been a tad slower, but thursday was big business.  the morning started early for a group that met at roasting planet at 10:00, but really the action was in the evening, starting with the rooftop garden at rockefeller center and a small gathering at the roger smith hotel.  things ramped up just before 9pm (on average) at webster hall (digg event). after which some people headed to m:2 and others to the gawker media roof deck. -- but the real news is that just after midnight there was a big event at sing sing -- note to self: lessin roundup should expand into the tech karaoke business.

on friday the foursquare team made it to their offices at 10:01 am on average, well before the crack of noon.  the day seems to have been relatively relaxed.  a few people gathered at the roger smith hotel in the afternoon, and far bigger early evening gathering was at the empire hotel (the webutante ball).  it looks like the after party for webutante kicked off at 10 degrees around 11:15 ish. 

the weekend was generally quite chill.  some people headed out of town via jfk and you could find groups hanging out in mccarren park and washington square park in the afternoons.  on saturday some people gathered around 9pm at lunasa, and on sunday the place to be was m1-5 at 10:30 ish.

monday was back to work for many (rosting planet greenwich average checkin moved earlier to about 9:40 am) - but the foursquare team must of had a rough weekend it seems - they didn't make it to their office in cooper square until almost 1pm.-- of course, the real action got cranking in the early evening as nicely primed techies checked in to cipriani - wall street (the webbies)...  at around 11:15 (on average) the party moved to the hiro ballroom, (for the webby afterparty) --- needless to say, the data shows plenty of people crashing the afterparty who didn't go to the awards....  that is all for now....  let the gps feed show it was a hell of a fun week. 

* below are some fun graphs and the data file (names stripped out) if you want to play around. 

* also below you will find a short slide loop with a few callouts of most popular places, time of visit, etc. during thew week

also, here are the checkin locations on a handy dandy map  map

about the report: this report was generated from my friend checkins on foursquare (http://playfoursquare.com) - i built and used a little tool to pull the checkin data into a flat file from my email (http://csvemail.com) -- but they have a cool api on the way out that will make this easier.   if you want to contribute to this report, friend me on foursquare.  (sam l.)http://playfoursquare.com/user/854

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