over 9 years on 2009-05-25


people recommended i share a theoretical case or two on how to use the twitter applets released below.  so, i will share two use cases on how you could use 'find friend' and 'reciprocity' in tandem.  i wanted to just throw them up and see what happens, but - here you go:

case 1:  render unsavory services / pyramid schemes (& things like tweepme) useless - step 1 - sign up for a shady twitter follower scheme & collect followers (which really don't make sense anyway, but hear me out...)  step 2 - use 'reciprocity' to instantly remove en-mass they 'pyramid' aspect where via these services you end up following more people than follow you.

i have been playing with this method on the twitter account http://twittter.com/swltweep - 2k followers and only 1 tweet :) - p.s.  anyone following me on that account also is using tweepme, how is that for a scarlet letter.

case 2:  run your own questionable targeted 'follower' scheme / juice those made by others - step 1 - pick a topic people tweet about that you want to reach, use 'find friends' app to automatically follow a few hundred of them.  step 2 - use reciprocity to immediately un-follow everyone you just followed.  they will get messages inviting them to follow you, but you will look like you invited them by hand.

using this pattern, you basically can use twitter's invite process to amass groups of followers on topics you want to be able to push messaging out on.

the philosophical point to this *generally*  (that i tried to avoid but have been advised to just come out and say) -- twitter is an awesome open messaging platform...  you can build things on it that change the nature of the chatter/messages bouncing around, but ultimately the platform should find equilibrium - so long as the rules are clear.  especially given that there are no forced developer keys on the api, and *almost* no rate limiting on follow/unfollow - you can build some relatively crazy stuff in the form of decentralized and relatively uncontrollable air apps...  catch me in person for more

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