over 9 years on 2009-05-25


below are a pair of single serving twitter applets i had built and have been experimenting with on side twitter accounts.  one is called 'reciprocity' and the other is called 'find friends' - they are stand alone air apps that you can run on your desktop.  here is what they do:

'reciprocity' = put in your twitter username, password, and it unfollows anyone you are following that is not following you back.

'find friends' = put in your twitter username, password, and some search terms.  it finds everyone who has tweeted about those topics (up to a few hundred people) and then follows them from your account.

you can scroll down to download them.  feel free to use them both as much as you want, distribute them as you wish, etc - no license at all (although a shout-out would be appreciated). 

please note that zero drop.io resources were used in making these... and i personally spent about 45 min specing them one night i couldn't sleep, and a few personal dollars having an air dev whip them up (great guy if you are looking for someone).  i highlight this because while fun, useful, and slightly aggressive little projects - these applets have no actual long-term value.  they fit far outside the purview of what we do/build at drop.io, and - even if i could somehow justify these applets under our mission (which i absolutely can't) - i would never waste our talented team building easily replicable and marginally interesting toys. 

two caveats - 1st, reciprocity works well up to the low thousands of followers, but it isn't robust when you get to extreme numbers.  if you are 5k+ followers/friends 'reciprocity' might not work so well.  2nd, if you catch my drift and want to push the concept further give me a shout, there are a few obvious ways to make these work better (for instance, put them on a cron job and set rates for people to follow per hour, and people to remove per hour - then just let them run infinitely in the background on a spare laptop :)

i am going to leave my traditional philosophizing out of this post - i am, of course, tempted to write a long bit on information theory, how i came up with these, why i have learned playing with them, etc....  but my sense is that if you are into thinking about - and maybe manipulating - twitter, you will catch my drift on this - and no one else cares.  if you are interested and don't get it, catch me on the street sometime. -- else, reciprocity and friend find away :)

update 7/6/09:  apparently there was an air update, and the applets require some tweaking to work on the new version -- i will get around to making this happen, but in the meantime you can do the same thing (all be it without interface) via. a few little ruby scripts

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