about 9 years on 2009-11-10


i have loved my ibm thinkpad for a really long time, but it was finally time to demote it from my primary computer to more of a stay at home casual function - i am not proud of it, but i went osx as primary. 

as a highly literate person but clearly non-developer, i couldn't be happier.  the pre-installed snow leopard build lets me seamlessly dip in and out of the shell, curl, crontab, a bit of pre-installed python/ruby to get stuff done...  last night i installed mac ports, at the suggestion of chris ricca, simply amazing. 

i on occasion would mess around to try to get something accomplished in windows, but inevitably since i am not a developer and mucking around with installations isn't my primary skill or job -- i would get stuck and frustrated for hours -- with my new mac, in a matter of a few minutes, and zero hassle, i have several fun little scripts churning away in the background making my life easier.

i very much expect that their will be a point with my little apple toy where i hit the same walls, but my easy access playground just expanded considerably -- which means that i will be able to more frequently make the decision to automate -- which will hopefully make me far more effective.  so, i will still need to boot windows for excel, but well done apple - you got me hooked for a while.

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