about 9 years on 2009-11-09


on various occasions i have found myself in very deep conversations about the nature of copyright with a set of people whom i very much respect...   it seems clear that copyright is a natural extension of identity... 'i am me' --> 'i made this' --> 'i made this first at this time/date'  -- it seems like copyright registry is a perfect longterm extension of facebook, especially as they are gaining traction as the 'users' table of the web via connect (just like banking)

we will all be voting via facebook connect soon enough, so passively 'registering' our original works by posting them to our wall seems totally logical.

i don't think they will announce this as a mission/mandate any time in the next 10 years, i think they will just back their way into it over time, and one day release a small function that changes everything 'see who posted it first' - people will use that in legal disputes as evidence, and then they are done - fait accomplit

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