about 9 years on 2009-10-25


in sf - conversations tend towards information theory...  here are my two distillations from the last 24 hours:

1.  email is a 'liberal' form of communication, vs. centralized services:  i have been obsessing recently over how massively useful and awesome email is, and how certain properties of central services actually make them less useful forms of communication (although, obviously, the simultaneously benefit from several other characteristics).

- the property i find most interesting about email is that it simultaneously transmits all information and permissions around storing/using/reusing information to the edge in one package...

- central services, by contrast, have the ability to send data to the edge, but not necessarily unlimited rights to the data.  data itself and permissions end up being decoupled... data can be sent to the edge, while permissions over that data are relatively maintained.

there are lots of ways of reading this -- but how about trying this one on for size.  -- email is a traditionally 'liberal' free form of communication...  where other central services are not.  -- this is something that requires further thought/discussion -- the flip-side is that because it is a 'liberal' form i am actually likely to put less in email than in centrally managed services...  

2.  all information is fundamentally probabilistic, but people find it easier to think of scarcity:  the probabilistic nature of all information is a frequent hobby horse of mine, give me time in a bar, and i think i can give you a good read on what that ultimately means -- but i am realizing that people like to think of information as scarce.  that is totally fine / it is workable that way - future blogpost will need to bridge the two concepts

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