about 9 years on 2009-10-19


free for the world, since i can't monetize them, and i don't have time to write for real:

1.  i am done with traditional maps of space, they serve no purpose, unless you are marching a physical army on foot any time in the near future, or you have a private jet that can land anywhere, takes infinite fuel, and runs for free.  the criteria the help me get around is not distance and direction, it is time and money (or, really just money if i care to value my time).  looks something like this...

-- or, with a single destination and many modes of transit based on a set of probable time outcomes holding cost constant --

2.  i am also really interested in retail maps...  i think that in a retail map my girlfriend and i actually live next door, not half way around the world.

3.  has anyone built a twitter based polling system yet?  that seems completely obvious (@twitpol - which is the best food?  #burger, #fries, #pizza)

4.  journalist/blogger integrity and cron polling services...

5.  it seems that people are starting to really wake up to the fact that the value of information f(scarcity) - that is great - and a big shift from the discussion a year + ago.

6.  one time pads and twitcrypt

7.  there is this interesting point when things go from ?s to statements, and then totally disappear. 

* with phones "may i ask who is calling" to "hey steve" (with caller id) to "hi" (with assumed caller id)
* with location "where are you" to "i see you are in nyc" (with lbs) to "wanta get a beer" (with implied lbs)

8.  my mother and i no longer speak the same protocols...  i love my mother dearly - she is also an articulate speaker and a precise thinker, however i find myself getting more and more frustrated trying to carry out conversations with her.

upon reflection, it isn't either of our faults, we are just speaking different dialects of the same language, leading to confusion.

what i have come to realize is that the issue is that we have very different expectations about the availability and source-ability of information on the fly.

*i speak fat-pipe always on distributed english*she speaks narrow-pipe poor connectivity central server english

how does this manifest itself?  

first and foremost, abbreviations -  i speak and write in shorthand.  she speaks and writes in long format...  i assume she can and will look up answers she may or may not need if she needs answers she does not have....  she assumes that i am data constrained, and need to know all contingencies and details.  she transmits full complete messages, i only transmit the delta.

second, she works on a central server request/response model, i work on a distributed computing model.  her mode of communication she asks me questions, i respond and she returns local answers ("sam, where would you like me to put your bike shoes" "how about on top of the dog's crate"  "no, that doesn't work, where would you like me to put them") -- i am used to a model where people transmit only the part of the problem or the information needed to solve a problem...  everyone on the edge processes needed pieces for themselves, and then stich the larger issue back together.

or, she works on a linear program model - i work on an object oriented model?, maybe - not sure that is correct...

either way - now that these are out, back to real work...

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