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"oh, the iphone and the blackberry should be friends" or... "how i learned to stop worrying and love the 3g iphone"

to not have an iphone and work in any sort of consumer technology today would be like not having aol service in the early 1990s... you might hate the platform, but it would be irresponsible to not engage with it, play with it, and hopefully understand it and its users. figuring out the iphone's problems and strengths is part of the game, and you can only do that if one is in your pocket more or less all the time.

but, the iphone is not an email device – it isn’t an alwayson information pipe – it is just media rich consumer device with a nice camera. as much as i might like to be contrarian and fully switch back to berry (no one calls me anyway), it would be sufficiently irresponsible that i won’t… (pn: it is ironic that, though i pay for both, realistically my business should pay for my iphone and i should personally pay for blackberry)

good news is capitalism has provided – blackberry + iphone service today is significantly cheaper than my blackberry service was on its own 2 years ago. just suck it up and use both (i just got my second sim)

your friend updates/my friend updates: what is the difference…

a few days ago i logged onto facebook and spent almost five minutes using the site before i realized that i was on my girlfriend’s account instead of my own (it was an honest mistake, please don’t erase me fb)… she had logged on my box and not closed my browser when she was done the night before. what was surprising was to realize that i couldn’t tell it was her account by the newsfeed at all, it was only the inbox of messages that tipped me off. our social spheres overlap closely enough that the site is feeding us the same information to a small enough margin of error so as not to be immediately noticeable… that is probably a good thing considering we have been dating for 5 years, but it was interesting to experience. correlation or causation?

i adore walking in manhattan

in the last 36 hours i have walked at least 10 miles around manhattan… it makes me unbelievably happy. human beings were supposed to walk a lot. desks and chairs are highly depressing.. walking by and watching thousands of people in a few hours is awesome.

drop.io is for flash floods of data and communication.


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