over 8 years on 2010-05-10


last night the guys from crowdflower came down to the drop.io world hq to host part of a 5 city event they were having. the networking totally failed, but the local conversation in nyc about mechanical turk ended up being beyond interesting.

things i thought about:

1. the future of illegal immigration is going to be proxying --

turns out there are a lot of people who screen jobs by country. mechanical turk just for the first time let people withdraw cash in india -- this changed the dynamics/spam significantly on the system and caused people to be more picky with where their workers come from. the logical result is proxying as immigration to where higher paying/more jobs are

2. fair trade mechanical turk --

there is a small but vocal outcry re: things like mechanical turk as being exploitative for workers. this is a kin to the outcry over spec work via 99 designs and creative commons licenses killing the stock photo trade. the logical result is people developing fair trade crowdsourcing groups

3. identity building/stealing

more and more services are cropping up to evaluate and rank workers in the "crowd" the more this happens the more differentiation there will be among workers/pay - the result will be identity sharing/renting/theft. facebook/social identity/credit identity etc will be the natural counter force for good and bad.

4. other fun experiments:

- let mechanical turk trade a stock portfolio.
- make mechanical turk play itself in chess/ make groups in different countries play eachother
- bake mechanical turk jobs into re-capcha and let people verify humanness while making you money


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