over 10 years on 2008-04-01


i learned many years ago from my dad to never check luggage and only take carry on. this last weekend i took it to a whole new level.

after a wonderful launch party at le royale in the west village for drop.io on friday night i hopped a flight to ski saturday morning at 6 am. needless to say, going from a huge party to stepping on a flight the next morning was not pleasant. i cut the flight extremely close, forced delta to skip me through the security line (sorry others that were in that line), and then slept the whole way out to utah. upon arriving it sunk in that had brought literally nothing other than the clothes on my back, a laptop, and a digital camera. i had my skis already out there, so that wasn't a problem. but even i was a bit taken aback at having literally nothing i would need clothing/exercise/
hygiene etc wise. i have historically made calculated decisions about bringing nothing when traveling, this was the first time i really just didn't think about it.

turns out, it wasn't a problem at all. especially because i was in a small town, there was a general store where i could quickly purchase everything i needed. as a note, i don't go 'shopping' i only buy things like clothes 'on demand' so i don't end up over-spending buying things i don't need when i do it this way. it is very very liberating to realize that you don't even need to think about what to bring when traveling, just walk out the door as though you were heading down the street to get a coffee, and capitalism will take care of the rest. i love lifting the mental burden of planning.

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