over 10 years on 2008-04-01


a brief pause for more explicit self promotion (sort of). over at drop.io we have been having a very good time hatching up some videos about our service. we think they are really funny… (which may be massive self delusion). i include a link to them here partially because they are tangentially relevant to many of the things i discuss here (they are far more directly relevant to drop.io) – mostly as a bit of self promotion.

i am posting the link here now with just the ‘teaser’ up – the other videos will follow within the next few days. i get a kick out of it, hope you do as well:

on youtube (a few days later)

a big thanks to evan savitt who directed and produced, sebastian sanchez (who made it all possible on the ground) as well as the actors, crew, and drop.io team as a whole!

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