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thanks to all who helped us put together our lightening quick 'test the waters' survey on chrome. as you know google is hiding the penetration numbers for their new browser in analytics, so we have to use more rudimentary means of figuring out if people are using chrome/if it is worth out attention and optimization.

in the last ~12 hours we got an n=98 on the survey. the directional findings are:

1. people who tend to respond to twitter distributed surveys from tech companies (early adopters) overwhelmingly use firefox as their primary browser (unsurprising, but means we didn't really get any nuance on adoption based on historical browser use, etc)

2. ~70% of the respondents have tried chrome.

3. ~40% of the respondents who have tried chrome say that they will continue to use it as a 'primary browser' (30% percent of the time)

4. in total, of our 'early adopter crowd', ~30% of respondents have tried chrome and will continue to use it.

short analysis:

the n is very low on this survey, and the responses must be heavily skewed towards tech early adopters because of how we distributed it... but if you think that the early adopter crowd is a leading indicator chrome looks like it is off to a solid start and will become meaningful. it *could* take an especially big chunk out of firefox as a percentage of total minutes spent on the internet. to become meaningful and reach beyond early adopters google will clearly have to do some big oem deals, but if the nerds and geeks like it and will help build a community around the roll out goog certainly knows how to do oem, dell, wal-mart - expect some calls.

p.s. doing this short survey has inspired me to actually go back and publish the grand survey we ran on 'how much would you pay for free services' -- so look for that this weekend

take the survey: 

we want to boost the n and keep up with the results - if you haven't yet, take the survey at http://bit.ly/37h7g (and pass it on)

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