over 10 years on 2008-05-01


unbundling discovery/transaction (& io/network)

i just spent 5 minutes with itunes and amazon mp3 store open at the same time – i was using itunes as a music discovery engine, pulling up and previewing tracks, and then i was using amazon 1 click purchasing (assisted by google search) to download tracks.

why? well, itunes is a great discovery engine, amazon’s mp3 store is not as good – it isn’t as fast and the interface isn’t as nice but amazon purchases are 10 cents cheaper (not a big deal) and unlocked mp3s (a very big deal)

what does this mean? when you have a fast enough connection you can unbundle discovery and transaction and get the best of all worlds. this excites me to no end because it is something we have been thinking about and working on a lot at drop.io recently. we are io but not network – we are transaction but not discovery

this is going to be an enormous big trend – more later, but the atomization of services is going to be a dominant theme of ’09.

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