over 10 years on 2008-05-01


can i bum a landline?  maybe there is one in nj?

i had an interesting experience on thursday night.  i was invited do do an hour on a radio show called 'computer america' discussing drop.io at 10:00pm est -- the only hitch was that they asked for the interview to be conducted on a landline phone (for quality sake).  i don't have a phone, apparently none of my close friends have phones, apparently none of the clubs to which i have access have phones in private rooms...

i think our vcs probably have phones, but i wasn't going to ask for access to their offices that late.  so, the upshot was that i found myself within a few hours of the interview trying to decide between calling my grandfather (whom i suspect has an actual landline) and leaving manhattan to use the phone at my mother's house in englewood, new jersey.  luckily with a few hours to go i found out that chad - our vp of marketing - has a "landline" at his place in the village (though i think it was actually voip).  nonetheless, i got a brief kick out of how quickly something which used to be so ubiquitous has become so scarce.

there interview is here - and the phone quality is good :)

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