over 10 years on 2008-05-01


** amendment: as is clear from the below, the iphone keyboard is less than ideal. the word "verasion" is actually "version" (for example)... enjoy

iphone for non smokers: having an iphone is the nerd veraion of being a "social smoker"

a good friend of mine who lives in paris will tell you all about the social value of smoking. he will explain to you at length how the social actions around buming a cigarette or asking for a "light" create low risk openings to meet new people and share....

i think smoking is a disgusting habit, but today i realied that my 3g iphone is the need equivalent.

to explain: today i have been out and about all over sand hill road meeting with companies. my iphone has gone through it's battery at least twice from the early am, so i have been buming charges, phonecalls, email services all over town. in fact, right now i am stealing a charge from the bathroom outside of benchmark capital before going to a august capital techcrunch event. i have met all sorts of interesting people on my quest to keep this device alive i would have otherwise never met....

so here is to you 3g iphone.... i now have a legitimate reason to ask people on the street if they "got a light" and the night can proceed from there.

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