almost 10 years on 2009-01-01


goal = strike a final blow to the iphone/att experience by applying simple laws re: tragedy of the commons (since bandwidth is on all you can eat plans) - drive users to 'droid'

approach = construct an iphone app (or just a web-page) that streams some nice video down to the handset.  have people sign up and give away $1000 an hour to people who are watching from an iphone (detect the useragent)

result = iphone owners leave their iphones on the page whenever they are not using them streaming down video...  att's network falls over once and for all... everyone buys droids

extra credit = make your hourly giveaway dynamically priced based on time of day and existing local network traffic to maximally slow down the network to the point that people cancel iphone contracts.

more extra credit = actually stream ads from third parties... become a ad network.

( obviously, i am just writing verizon wireless and att/iphone for punch, this would work really for anyone that has an interest in seeing a network not work - perhaps somone along the droid/iphone supply chain?)

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