almost 10 years on 2009-01-05


i spent a lot of time with my 14 year old sister over the holiday school break.  spending time with her, i thought a lot about the fact that she is a true net native, having never really seen a pre-internet pre-mobile world.  it made me realize that, as much as i pretend, i am not a 'net native' the way she, and all future generations of americans will be.  unlike kjwl, i actually remember learning how to:

1.  type
2.  double click (that actually was hard to learn at first)
3.  right click
4.  always use an area code in a phone numbers (7 digits used to work fine)
5.  transcribe long urls (it used to be really hard)
6.  hit 'call'/'send' when dialing a number
7.  text message (/t9)
8.  type with my thumbs
9.  efficiently see and navigate application 'windows'

i remember when my father first came home with a briefcase sized cell phone, and how people used to gawk at him on the street.  i can still sing the modem handshake song.  i remember trying to download the 5mb duke nukem trial on 10 kbps connections that would keep dropping.  i remember the first cd i ordered online.  i remember how amazing it was to jack a "general magic" 'mobile' internet device into the wall and go online.  i remember film cameras, and my first digital camera which used a serial port to let you download its 500k internal memory.  i remember 10 mb max inbox sizes, and freshman week without facebook.  i remember aohell. 

it is amazing to recognize that my generation will be the last to remember the pre-digital world, and that our role might be to guard the lessons from those fading memories.

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