over 10 years on 2008-06-01


targeting facebook adds to specific individuals.

people have been talking about micro-targeting online for a very very long time.  it is the fundamental basis of much of web 2.0 search and social ad driven models...  but what about nano-targeting?  yesterday, using facebook, i created a series of nano-targeted advertisements targeted at specific individuals.  for example, i set one up for my girlfriend sending my love...  all i needed to do was target an ad to:

"wall street journal reporters who are 25, graduated from harvard with a history degree and live in san fransisco"

facebook told me my population was "less than 20 people" -- but i know it is a population of one.  i also set one up for one of my teammates that says "back to work" by targeting "employees of drop.io who live in texas."

the best part is that since i pay per click and i know there is only one person who will click on it maybe once - i can bid on cpc at a ridiculously high price...  for now this is just silly, but 1.  you could see people doing this for real/for business sooner rather than later... and 2.  it brings up interesting privacy concerns (though all you really can tell is if the person is using facebook). 

my next step is to start pranking other small startups we compete with and possibly friends/old colleagues.  i also might make a 'blank' advertisement specifically targeting myself with a crazy cpc to bump all the other advertising off my personal facebook experience*....

*for the astute search engine marketing reader...  yes, based on 'quality' score this game might not work forever if i don't actually click my own add, but that is another story for another day.

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