almost 10 years on 2009-03-06

A FEW QUICK 'REAL-TIME' COMMENTS BACK ABOUT THE FACEBOOK CHANGES AS A BRAND has almost 3k facebook about 3.5k twitter fans...  until yesterday i would have told  you that twitter was a was a far more important channel for us, but with the seismic changes to fb pages, that is about to change, possibly... what follows is my on the fly analysis of the facebook changes, as a startup founder trying to re-evaluate what it means for how we speak to our community.

high level my on the fly read, is that this is actually the biggest set of changes facebook has deployed in a while, and they are both very useful/good and very very smart from a business/power play dynamic.  here is why, or - more specifically - where i am re: changing the way posts and my analysis of why the changes are as they are.  

1.  i can't figure out how to update fb page 'status' via fb connect or fb applications, not sure you can...  if i can't, that is a very interesting product move/design decision as it means that facebook has defacto made itself my starting point from which to federate out to other services for brands 

2.  point needing clarification - how to manage my posts for a company without an understanding of how often the stories will show up at to whom.  this could just be a messaging thing - but my understanding is that the front page will be weighted so that all stories will flow in 'real-time' from all friends... but what about pages?  transparency in how information will be consumed defines how i want to push it out -- this is something twitter does very well

3.  point of possible slight annoyance i am slightly annoyed that stories published via the fb api won't show up on the homepage, and not sure if that includes publishing status via the api.  i get why, again, it makes interactions on the core fb property much much much more valuable, but it feels like a compromise with 'openness'

overall - i like all these moves a lot - fb continues to push the envelope more than any other major platform, and what they are pushing towards is awesome

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