almost 10 years on 2009-02-17


i am really enjoying living and creating somewhere between product development and macro economics.  splitting my days between helping to direct a highly talented development team at and working on some of the macro business development issues and problems the company faces has allowed me to cross pollinate, and hopefully made me net-net more effective.

from the development mindset i have been thinking more and more about all the component parts of  each piece of our platform either has a specific active function (chopping down trees) or signals the state of a function (tells other functions that a tree has been chopped down).  that is it, all things we build fit into one functional bucket or the other (and never both).

if you chop down a tree and no one signals it - then the action is worthless.  if you signal something that didn't happen - you are certainly not creating value and quite possibly destroying it.  you need both action and signal to create value, and total value of action is based on the effectiveness in action and signaling. 

this conception of value holds true in the real world.  everything, ever industry, every person, must either be creating things or signal the creation of things to be valuable.  i am relatively certain that this holds/makes sense, but still open to finding some case i am missing.

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