about 9 years on 2009-10-08


an ironically addictive battle of facebook hotness

facerank.us is a simple application that pits all of your friends against each other in a battle of hotness...  with you as the judge.  simply log on and start judging the winner of head to head hotness battles...

try it at facerank.us 
(don't worry, it doesn't touch your feed/post back updates to facebook)

using the elo chess ranking algorithm, facerank.us figures out the hotness standings of all of your friends as voted on by all of their friends. then, the application works to figure out who is the hottest person on all of facebook!

ironically mocked up by sam lessin in powepoint 2007 (note the awesome blue buttons) one night, and executed by shweta gambhir.  play away, it is surprisingly addictive.  if anyone is feeling a tad under-employed and wants to pick this up, it would be really fun to build out, just couldn't dedicate more than an hour or two..

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