about 9 years on 2009-10-01


i was quickly thinking about location based applications and monetization this am.  if anyone cares about points and badges, a clear win for location games is to let venues buy tranches of 'points' and then assign criteria for giving them away. then advertise 'you will get x points if you go to y spot at z time'.

results of this would be:

1.  nice highly integrated monetization scheme for location based games
2.  'goldfarmers' will evolve (you hire someone to walk your phone around to locations and collect points)...
3.  awesome real world dos attacks become possible. -->

a location based game dos attack would basically be something like a historical sit in, but way easier to organize.  

just put an absurd point bounty on a location at a specific time(a bar you don't like). either buy the points, or if you run the game inflate your currency...  then sit back and watch hundreds of people scramble to the place and shut it down.

the kitchen runs out of chicken, the waitresses can't keep up, the line at the door gets unbearable...  after all, what is the difference between a web-service and a physical space -- they are just resources -- and it is harder to spin up more space than it is to spin up more app servers.

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