about 9 years on 2009-09-29


the location roundup

a few months ago i analyzed internet week nyc using foursquare checkins from about 100 friends over the week as my dataset.  from that small test, and driven forward with great gusto by jon steinberg and bill piel, was born socialgreat (http://socialgreat.com).  socialgreat uses the foursquare api (and now the brightkite api) to grab checkin data and create a location driven city guide if you will…  people vote with their feet, and socialgreat tallies the votes up in near realtime to show which places in any city are most popular right now.

between foursquare and now brightkite, socialgreat is pulling from 15k people all the time (and growing fast).  there are over 200k recorded checkins in the database from foursquare alone in the last few weeks…  so, i figured it was time to take another quick look at the dataset to see what we can pull out of it..

answer is, there is a ton of richness to play with… and wish i had a lot more time to dig through it – but since i don’t, here are some high level swings i quickly pulled out as well as some really fun/useful leader boards in top cities by time of day

first, a few ‘pithy’ ?? remarks:

1.new york might be the city that never sleeps, but by distribution actually sf checks in more at night
2.monday is a dead day everywhere...  wednesday is surprisingly hot everywhere.  
3.nyc clearly parties on thursdays and saturdays…  the city spikes out well above the average.
4.sf is dead compared to the rest of the country on thursdays and saturdays.   (they must hate fun)
5.people in amsterdam mostly just check in during the day.  they either don’t ever go out, or they don’t check in at night culturally
6.in the last few weeks, it looks like atlanta, nyc, and sf are leading in checkin rate… the rest of the country is stable. 

leader boards for nyc, sf, msp, and sea are below by day, evening, night, -- a few comments:

1.top checkins for almost all cities is the airports and trains, except for minneapolis where mall of america takes top spot… really?  i feel like there is a joke in there somewhere
2.almost all of sf’s top daytime checkins are either startups (rupture, digg, techcrunch, revision 3, uservoice, facebook, twitter) or coffee shops right next to startups (sightglass, blue bottle)
3.sf evening checkin, ‘murderchurch’ sounds interesting… what is that?
4.msp evening top checkin, ‘sex world’ also sounds like a good time?
5.rei is a top checkin in seattle for the evenings… is that a cool climbing wall?  where are the sea startups?  
6.in nyc the people at r/ga seem to check in an absurd amount… same with the people at blip.
7.tom and jerry’s continues to dominate new york normal evenings
8.but brooklyn bowl has been doing really well on weekends

(for the leaderboard in your city see the pdf and pics below)... nyc looks like:

finally, i want to also just call out that recently we had the privilege of hosting an inspiring y+30 event with foursquare,hotpotato, sense networks, brightkite, skyhook, and xtify – these are all great companies in the space doing amazing stuff in the space –… i can’t wait for more. 

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